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Bangkok Protests Continue and Violence Increases as Election Day Arrives

Sunday, 2 February 2014

In Bangkok, with 130,000 police added to the streets and unknown thousands of army troops “bulking up” as the news put it, the elections promise to be yet another day of the foolishness of mankind on display for all to see. The elections are scheduled to begin in a few hours and things have been ratcheting up day by day. Your prayers for the peace of this land are not out of place in the least.

I don’t know how much news coverage there is in other parts of the world on this situation here. You may have heard about the gun fight that took place here yesterday evening. There was an hour long gun battle, along with a few small explosions, a couple of miles from my place yesterday evening. But I think the odds of stray bullets managing to make it my direction and through my single window on the 10th floor are pretty well stacked in my favor. Not that I normally think of these things in terms of odds so much, but rather in terms of understanding that in any case, whether my time with this momentary life is up or not is solely dependent on God’s will. I’m not worried about these things. That being said, I do appreciate your prayers and don’t take the hand of God’s protection for granted.

I thought I’d add this note here to let my friends know that although it may appear intense, I really don’t expect things will impact me much. I’ll be keeping away from anywhere with any kind of likely danger this week, either just staying in my room or perhaps getting out of town for the rest of the week. My university has been shutdown until the 8th, so it leaves me ample time to hop on a bus and spend some time with an old family friend out of reach of the dangers around Bangkok at this time.

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