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A Providential Sunday

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Today was an encouraging day!

I have some relatively new neighbors here who do a variety of ministries among the needy here in Thailand. I went with them to the church they have been attending. It meets in a coffee shop in a more central area of Bangkok. Upon arrival, we found our way to seats and I ended up sitting next to a man from Pakistan, who I found out later was also there for the first time. We had a great time of fellowship after the formal services. He is here on application for asylum, having a group of Muslims who are out to kill him and had already attacked his pregnant wife in their home once. Then also they tried to kill him a couple of times. Apparently they didn’t appreciate that he was a part of a Muslim’s conversion to Christianity. He, his wife and two children are here solely surviving on the good will of people here and can have no contact with family or friends back home since that could make things dangerous for their loved ones. Until his application for asylum is accepted he has no support from any governmental body or non-governmental bodies like the U.N. At any rate there is more to his story that was all very encouraging.

I found meeting him particularly encouraging because as he offered to pray for me in my circumstances, which I’ll write a little about following, I was given the blessing of seeing beyond my own little world of apparent need and could directly meet another who is in so much more need. It is always such a blessing being among those who are/were persecuted for their faith. There is something so very tangible about their faith that it has a way of encouraging me like not much else does.

The circumstances that I share with this man are those of not knowing how we will survive in the coming days, weeks or months. God has always provided for us in one way or another, but I have never quite gotten this close to not knowing what will happen in the very near future. I am speaking of things that require cold cash to resolve. As my new friend has virtually nothing, I have stuff, but I don’t have any way of buying food or paying rent, etc, etc. in the coming days. In the past years, I have always had some kind of support or a backup supply in a bank. Over the last year or so that has dwindled down to now being empty. There are still a few who support me sometimes, to whom I am very grateful, as well as to all who have supported me at one time or another over the years. At the present time I do have some food and enough money to last another week or two, but that’s about it. I suppose some will criticize me for not letting my needs be known more widely. I imagine there may be some credibility to that criticism. But I have let my needs be known to my God. He controls a lot more than any man to whom I may let my needs be known. But at the same time I know that some of my friends would like to know my needs directly as well. That is why I am mentioning it here. Otherwise, I am content to rely on my God and accept whatever he sees fit to do with/for me. I have received many criticisms over the years about a number of issues that I won’t go into detail about, but some are things like, why don’t you get a job? Or why don’t you write appeal letters? And there are a variety of other things. I always try to listen to criticism, but it often just leads me to talk less. Thus you see how little I have written on my blog. This is also a good lesson to teach me to shut my big mouth and be sure that if I am criticizing, I better be making it constructive and with an attempt to understand the one I am being so bold to criticize.

So, without rambling on any more… please pray for me in these circumstances. And also please pray for me about the circumstances of being able to deal with criticism that I believe is coming from ignorance of my situation, beliefs or maybe even abilities or understanding. And of course also please pray that God will pound the criticism that is proper through my thick skull. And thank God with me for bringing me in contact with this family in my building, who by the way have generously given me some food now and then, as well as with the Pakistani man today at church.

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  1. Sanabria permalink
    Monday, 15 September 2014 07:11 +07

    Thanking God for your encouragement! I will also pray for the Pakistan fellow believer and his family. Its hard to praise God in dire circumstances – but we are to do so. Praying, love Mom

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