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God’s timing is awesome!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

In my last post I asked for prayer regarding the next step toward my goal of getting trained up and on the field working with my Karenni friends in translating the Bible into the languages of their people. The aspect of prayer concerning spiritual life is an ongoing need of course and will be needed until I breathe my last. As for my financial needs that I mentioned, God has answered with a positive answer for the time being!

I don’t recall the exact timing, but very shortly after I wrote the post I learned that I would be getting enough money to pay my tuition fees for this present semester and would therefore be able to take my final exams and graduate! I received those funds with 3 days to spare before the looming deadline to pay it. As for anticipated expenditures for my move to the north and on into the linguistics training, I just got word a few days ago that a good portion of that will also be arriving soon! It was a wonderful answer to prayer that I have been hoping to hear for many months. I still don’t have enough to pay for the coming linguistics program tuition, but I do have enough to move and start the precourse program that goes through the summer.

For those who don’t already know… I am not allowed to work here since I am on a study visa. The school also discourages their students from working, even for Thai students, saying that the students have to concentrate completely on the program. They are saying this from their years of experience with students in the program. At any rate, for me, being on a student visa, it is illegal to work.

Now that I am moving closer to my goals, both in location and activities, I plan to write much more frequently than I have in the past. There were a variety of reasons I stopped posting to my blog about a year and a half ago. Now, I hope I will be able to give my friends and family, along with anyone else interested, a view of what I’m doing that will hopefully feel more closely related to, and eventually directly on target of, my goals of language work and Bible translation with the Karenni people.

I am grateful for your prayers and beg you not to stop, regardless of my financial situation. And as for that situation… please ask God to provide the needed tuition and other assorted fees. And as I mentioned in my last post, following those expenses, I anticipate my living costs (rent, food, transportation, etc…) will be about $1,000/month. This is pretty much a minimum survival cost, not including luxuries like health insurance, fixing teeth, going back to America if ever possible someday, etc.. On that note, I thank God that he has kept me in very good health! Even my teeth are not as bad as before… maybe because I had so many of them pulled out already? hahaha

Oh! And I have final exams in the ensuing days. Please pray that I’ll survive unscathed. I hope to keep some sort of decent sleep too. A seemingly never-ending battle! The final results of my last 4 years will be available sometime around the beginning of June.

Thank you again for your prayers! I appreciate your support so much! God isn’t deaf nor is he blind to my circumstances, but it pleases him to see his creation working together in harmony and looking to him to keep it in tune. Speaking of working together, I would be glad to hear how I can pray for you too! I want to sing a part in the song of your life as well. Connect with me on Facebook, leave me a message below or send me an email. I will be glad to hear from you.

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  1. Karenni boy-Boe Reh permalink
    Monday, 27 June 2016 09:16 +07

    Thanks for the post and thanks for helping my people kind sir. I hope you have a very bright future and happy life. —Love Boe Reh (you don’t know me but I just wanted to thank you.)

  2. Karenni boy-Boe Reh permalink
    Monday, 27 June 2016 09:18 +07

    Thank you for the post and for helping my people kind sir. Bless you and have a very nice day. –Boe Reh (you don’t know me but I just had to say thank you)😊

  3. Monday, 27 June 2016 09:19 +07

    Thank you for the post and for helping my people. ☺

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